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For Guirassy Fatoumata, artistic director of the brand, it is important to show different facets of the Gueras Fatim woman through various projects.

The Gueras Fatim woman embraces her story from the uniting bond with women all over the world, as much as she embraces her heritage. She knows how to recognize herself through others. 


These two are the definition of an ICONIC duo.

While in Paris during Fashion Week, we spent a day with the two sisters, strolling in their favorites pieces from Gueras Fatim.

The white capsule is a mini collection of 6 pieces to mix together or integrate into your wardrobe to bring a modern, sexy and playful touch. The stretch material and cutting work is adapted to all morphologies with a play of full and empty that brings to the silhouette a chic and effortless look from end-of-stock fabrics.

The white capsule is produced in small serie and will be available on from June 8.


"This is us, sisters.


Actually Taina and Jaima are my cousins, the daughters of my father's sisters. We are Caribbeans, our ancestors are Coolie from India as a part of our history. Those lands we share are the heritage of our roots childs, and grand CHILD OF MIGRANTS."

It isn't blood that makes you my sister

It's how you understand my heart 

As thought you carry it 

In your body -

Rupi Kaur

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In this new format of [interview + editorial] we had the privilege of meeting Guirassy Fatoumata's chosen muse.

"Researching women from all background and eras has become my passion, I take pleasure in discovering all of them and their stories" says the Founder.

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