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Fatoumata Guirassy 

Contraction of the paternal name “Guirassy” and the etymology of Fatoumata said Fatima in Arabic meaning “the camel which has just been weaned. Created in 2015, the brand is inspired by multiculturalism, vintage, and sportswear. It was at the Lycée Marie Laurencin in Riom that she studied crafts, arts and crafts, and fuzzy sewing. She will later go through the International Academy of the Paris Cup to improve. Years of experience in major fashion houses (Balenciaga, Céline, or even Alexander MC Queen) followed, which allowed her to assert her creative and artistic signature. Fatoumata has a spiritual approach, particular attention is paid to the search for shapes in order to fit the curves. Through her creations, she allows La Femme to reclaim her natural wild spirit, her freedom and her intriguing sensuality.
The GUERASFATIM Woman is endowed with multiple facets. She represents the idea of the female soul in power.

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